The Strangest Trees in the World

The wax palm tree, stretching up to sixty metres into the precipitated air of Valle de Cocora (Cocora Valley), Columbia, is perhaps one of the most strikingly peculiar tress of all time. Although it’s much taller than a palm tree you might find at Palm Springs in California, it still retains the same girth, making it astonishingly lanky and slender in comparison to its palm tree brothers.

It’s a crime to visit the backpacking haven of Salento without seeking out these natural wonders.

tfzuFpMImage credits: Reddit User QuantumScout

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  1. I fell in love with the coco palms in Kauai.
    By the way, I nominated you for The Liebster Award. I don’t know if you’ve been nominated before, but you definitely deserve it. Congratulations! Follow the link.


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