Welcome to Kyrgyzstan

When asked about the ‘Stans’ of Eastern Europe and Asia, most people seem to assume that they’re all lands laden with barren deserts and dusty roads that flatten the landscape – but Kyrgyzstan is certainly no Afghanistan or Libya – it’s a nation overloaded with craggy ridges and rustic mountainscapes.

The landlocked country, located in Central Asia, is any hikers dream land and I can imagine the guy that wielded the camera for this shot agrees.

15913428104_d87ef3536b_oImage credits: Flickr user VladimirYo

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Kyrgyzstan

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  1. It’s like you can see forever!
    It’s Music To My Ears! 🎵🎵🎵
    “The Creative Blogger Award!”

    🎵 Because I’m Happy! 🎵 Everyone has those days when the “Repeat” mode button of your mind plays the same song all day long. It triggers our creative side and is cause for celebration. I have nominated you for being creative. If you choose to participate, please follow the link to http://snapshotsincursive.com/2015/07/31


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