This is an Incredible Picture of Mount Fuji, Japan


Ah yes, the infamous sacred Mt. Fuji located on Honshu Island in Japan. This symetrical giant, standing 3,776 metres tall, is the tallest mountain in Japan. The active stratovolcano is also one of the three most holy mountains throughout the entire Land of the Rising Sun, and is the most ascended mountain on the planet, with an astounding 100,000 people trekking to its startling peak every year.

But what composes this as such a uniquely incredible image of the famous Fuji-San? Well, believe it or not, this high resolution image was snapped 433 kilometers away in low orbit at NASA’s International Space Station. The immaculate aerial shot signifies the impeccable shape of the volcano, with the flawlessly cylindrical cone sitting dead at the centre of the image. The surrounding lakes and grasslands look strikingly faint in comparison to the monolith of a mountain that rests embedded in the perilous wintry weather and impeding fog that drifts mercilessly from the midway point of the 78 mile wide mountain.

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