The Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls – Swim with Satan

As much as I’m the exact opposite of what anyone could call a ‘traveler’ having never set foot out of my own home country (Scotland), I have to say, this is certainly another compelling thrill for my travel bucket list. Perching my pale Scottish cheeks on the brink of the largest waterfall on Earth, in the ‘Devil’s Pool’ – located in Zambia, Southern Africa, this is the beacon of thrill for any other buzz-seeker out there like myself looking for a primitive dance with the devil.


But don’t be fooled by its fear-instilling name however, for your almost certainly guaranteed a snug seat on the verge of the giant waterfall without the possibility of plunging 100m to your gruesome death on the salient rocks below – that’s if you’ve jumped in at the responsible time of year. From May to October, the mighty waters of the Zambezi River run thin, creating weak enough currents and for tourists to hop into the water and take limitless selfies without being swept away into the merciless 500 million litres of water that cascade through the 2km wide drop every minute.


Being my own spontaneous personality though, I wouldn’t just be sitting in the pool stagnant taking selfies for my Facebook friends list to gaze in awe at for a few moments, but instead, enjoying an ice-cold beer, a joint of marijuana, and an uncoverable grin – the perfect combination for anyone sedentary at the edge of the world’s most dangerous waterfall. I’m sure the natives would adore the scene as I flicked a butt of a joint into their most sacred and famous river.


Forget Malta, Greece or Spain, this is the epitome of an ultimate experience. Although I can only aspire to visit this place at some later (more financially suitable) time of my life, I can already envision myself sitting in the cozy warmth of the naturally formed pool – soaking up the astonishing views, thunderous roar of currents, crisp organic breeze, and the sweet smell of the large soggy joint I’d just rolled previous to bombing in. This genuinely is one of those experience that everyone should aspire to indulge in at least once in their rat-raced lives.


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  1. For someone who hasn’t set foot out of his own home country, your doing a great job of introducing fellow armchair travellers to interesting aspects of the world and your original take on it.

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  2. I am Zambian, have been to the Victoria Falls countless times but have never ever, and will never ever go anywhere near the Devil’s pool, unless something possesses me 🙂 I have only seen Caucasians venture to the pool, apart from the local tour guides. It is good that tourists go there, but it is also their adventurous spirit that causes some of them to plunge to their deaths on other sections of the Falls in their quest for that elusive perfect photo.


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